Yuna from JEM Pro Trim is very attentive and she ensures she explains everything clearly to me. She is observant and gives good advice and suggestions how to take care of my hair. Very satisfied with her professionalism and service. Thank you.”

Joel is a very experienced and skilful hair stylist. I briefly explained what I wanted and he was able to deliver. Very happy with the results – the curls are natural yet manageable.”

Joy from the JEM outlet has been taking care of my hair for the past few months. She is very passionate, takes pride in her work and will not disappoint. Would recommend looking for her at the JEM outlet!”

“I am left speechless by how awesome Joel skills is. Thank you for this wonderful haircut and curl. No one had ever get my fringe and hair the way I want it to be as I have very thin and flat looking hair so there is always a phobia for me to try new hairstyle but after I came across Joel fb ads and viewing how all his review are so good, I decided to go for a try.By just showing him a few hairstyle and colours. He gets the feel of what I wanted for my hair. Also Thanks Joel for being so professional even when I sweat easily he still do my sweaty hair without feeling a tiny bit of ewww and for accommodating while I pump. I left the salon feeling confident and prettier after being a aunty mum for the past 2 years. I received alot of compliment and likes on my curl and colours and I am definitely coming back. Price was worth it for the result and care and attitude given. No hardselling, no one ask me to sign any package and best of all no one talk too much to me which give me the peace I am looking for.Thank you to your team especially the fillipino lady who took good care of me and chatted with me, lending me the hairdryer to blow cold wind when I sweat. Had an enjoyable chat with her. See you soon Joel for my next hair cut

“I would to compliment James Chiun for helping me cut the perfect haircut again. I always trust him with my difficult-to-handle hair, especially since I have a curly hair. He is always very honest about how to handle my hair and I trust him perfect to give me the fresh look every time I visit him. It’s true that once you have found the hairstylist that you can trust, you will always go back to him. Thank you for the amazing job once again!”

Yuna gives good recommendation for my hair and is very attentive and experienced. Satisfied with the service and will definitely go and look for her again!”

“I have been going to Protrim for my regular hair cuts for many years now and Alex is my “go-to” hairstylist. My semi-frizzy hair and curls aren’t easy for most Stylists to handle and Alex has always gotten it right. He expertly cuts my hair such that the beauty of my curls are accentuated and doesn’t go out of shape quickly. I used to have to perm my hair to “hide” my hair issues but ever since I’ve met Alex I’ve been able to go completely off treatments or perms (which is what I want to keep my hair as healthy as possible). Most importantly, my hair looks good and is easy to maintain. I definitely recommend Alex to everyone!”

Joel give a very good haircut and he knows what i need exactly. Very good experience and his assistant offered pretty good service.”

“went to get my hair cut by 1june at Jem this afternoon and as usual, I left with a happy face!😊 I once had S perming, C-curling and hair dyeing twice done by 1june before and all his services turnout really great! I trust and feel secure letting him do my hair and I recommend to the others that your hair will be in good hands with his skills!”

“Staff were very accomodating. Annie was very friendly, knowledgable and explained everything to me. I was assured I was in great hands. Will visit again!”

Jasmine Soh is efficient, and cut came out great.”